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learn how to Build effective therapeutic intensives

You have a niche. You are in high demand and your weekly, 50-minute sessions are booked up. Now what?

Therapeutic intensives are an effective way to offer focused, comprehensive treatment to both current and new clients.

As a former Director of Education at Stanford School of Medicine, I have over 20 years of experience researching, creating, teaching, and evaluating curricular trainings for physicians, nurses, social workers, and trainees. Work with me to learn how to create an impactful curriculum for your intensive, where you have what you need to feel confident and excited about your goals and objectives.

become an expert in relational and attachment trauma while achieving EMDR certification

Now that you’ve completed your basic EMDR training, it’s imperative you have an expert consultant to help you feel both confident and curious as you continue to learn.

While our basic EMDR training supports us treating clients with single-incident trauma, it does not give us enough to treat complex PTSD that is often a result of generational trauma passed down in families, relational trauma, or attachment trauma. These cases often present with the labels of DDNOS/DID, borderline, and addiction.

As an EMDRIA Certified EMDR Clinician and a former Director of Education at Stanford School of Medicine, I am passionate about teaching other therapists more advanced methods to utilize the powerful benefits of EMDR with their clients.