It can be heartbreaking and scary to see the connection with our partner in danger. It can be exhausting and defeating to believe that connection is impossible to get back. As a wife who has struggled in her marriage, I have a deep empathy for the vulnerability couples feel when seeking a trusted expert to support the survival of their relationship.

The Couples Support Program helps you create the connected, secure relationship you really want with your partner.

Challenging life situations can invite couples to develop healthy coping skills and frameworks. Imagine the possibilities that may unfold in a space where you both feel safe, understood, and supported.

The Couples Support Program offers:

  • A client-centered treatment plan, allowing you to skip the waitlist for weekly therapy and gain faster access to select spots

  • Support that complements your preferred schedule and timeline for your treatment goals

  • Assessments to identify your attachment style, areas of activation or triggers, experiences that need attention and soothing

  • Exclusive access to Kambria’s library and resources to accelerate your treatment and support change

Couples Support Program details:

  • One pre-consultation interview (online available) to assess for candidacy, gain insight, and identify obstacles.

  • Preparation for your treatment experience and articulation of specific treatment goals

  • 8 weeks of tailored support, both in and out of session

  • Personalized treatment workbook, which allows you to work on your treatment goals before, during, and after the program

  • 3-4 intensive support sessions with Kambria in her Campbell, CA office

I support couples who are:

  • Ready to create something better than they had growing up

  • Learning to differentiate between the sound of their intuition guiding them and their traumas misleading them

  • Willing to take self-responsibility for places they get triggered

  • Motivated to finally give attention to old hurts that want to be soothed

  • Exploring how to love each other when they are low capacity, disconnected, and triggered

  • Curious how the romantic relationship they chose is inviting them to grow

  • Committed to model a healthy marriage for their kids

    Email for more information about the Couples Support Program.