I am an international expert and educator in both psychology and education. My applied research and teaching at both Stanford Medical School and Vanderbilt covered topics such as wellness, mental health, communication, cultural competence, and evidence-based care. I’m an author of 15 peer-reviewed publications, engineer of curricula for top 10 medical schools, and creator of over 40 workshops for physicians, social workers, and nurses around the world.

stanford Courses

My passion for teaching began as a student at Vanderbilt, and continued at Stanford from 2004-2018. As I support clients in my psychotherapy private practice, I continue to collaborate with Stanford on hospital-wide teaching and learning innovations.

Stanford medical students, residents, and fellows: In addition to developing and teaching required curriculum in the pre-clinical years of medical school, I developed and co-directed two electives for clerkship medical students, residents, and fellows. These courses were rated among the top courses in the Medicine Residency program.

Faculty courses (train-the-trainer): I shared my love of teaching with other educators and professors from around the world through the Stanford Faculty Development Center’s train-the-trainer model. Just as I supported professors becoming more attuned to their students, I offer this expertise to (1) parents becoming more attuned to their children through parent support sessions and (2) therapists becoming more attuned to their clients through EMDR consultation.

Peer-reviewed publications in psychology and education

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